Madison, WI ~ October 20th - 21st
St. Louis, MO ~ October 23rd - 24th
Chicago, IL ~ October 24th - 26th
Detroit, MI ~ October 26th - 27th
Pittsburgh, PA ~ October 27th - 28th
Buffalo, NY ~ October 28th - 29th
Rochester, NY ~ October 29th - 30th
Revere, MA ~ October 30th - 31st
Springfield, MA ~ November 4th - 5th
Hartford, CT ~ November 6th - 8th
Philadelphia, PA ~ November 8th - 9th
Glenn Allen, VA ~ November 9th - 10th
Charlotte, NC ~ November 10th - 12th
Nashville, TN ~ November 12th - 14th
Oklahoma City, OK ~ November 18th - 19th
Albuquerque, NM ~ November 19th - 20th
Phoenix, AZ ~ November 20th - 22nd
My Birthday ~ November 23rd
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